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THE CLOWNS OF GOD series.....
These images are visual commentaries on the different, internal states in which we find ourselves....IF we are observant.
I use as few 'props' as possible in each image, letting the "being" express the thought. However, in some of my pieces, you will see a window, which is my caveat, meaning "this is the way I see it, you may see something else". You may also notice that some images have a globe or sphere....symbolizing that entity's world.

 : following, no questions asked, no thinking required, living life in 'automatic mode'. 

( Sold, Limited edition giclees will be available )

 : we all know someone like her; the lights are on but nobody is home.

Even then, she could be friend or family or a complete stranger. The way we react to her is a reflection on us.  

( Original available, Oil on Canvas, 38"H X 24"W, $5,000....Giclees pending)

 i : There are many " I's " inside of us, some are big and some are little....but I'd prefer, had I my choice, to stay right in the middle. 

( Original available, Oil on Canvas, 16"H X 12 1/2" W, $1,200.....Giclees pending )

 : I received this image during meditation and have no idea about the meaning. It happens that way sometimes....

( Original available, Oil on Canvas, 24"H X 38"W, $4,500.....Giclees pending )

 : This is the image that started this series. I was having a conversation with a Hungarian friend of mine about the state of catatonia. He explained to me that ,".....if a true Haida Yogi found a catatonic, he would search for the cord that connects his Conscious force, which is outside of his body, to his Life force which is still in his body. He would then pull the cord so that the conscious force would return to the body and the person would be 'normal' again".

I thought about that for a minute and replied, "That is all well and good, but suppose he liked where he was at? You've gone and ruined his whole trip!" 

I think it's all a matter of perspective....

( Original available, Oil on Canvas, 16"H X 12 1/2" W,  $1,200.....Giclees pending )

: He is the male counterpart to "AIRHEAD". He has no substantial thought or capacity for critical thinking...and still may be the nicest person you can meet....innocent and with no guile or malicious intent. Sometimes it is fools of the world that we learn many things from; even kings had them in their courts as jesters. So, were they truly fools?
( Original available, Oil on Canvas, 28"H X 28"W,  $3,500.....Giclees pending )

AMERICA, Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
: This is not a criticism, but  rather  a caveat to our people to wake up, to hear, to see and to speak out concerning the current issues of our time.

(SOLD, Limited edition giclees available, 24"H X 48"W, $400 each, signed and numbered...plus shipping )

 : The Bureaucrats fight like the legendary Titans of greek mythology, tangling themselves and those they were meant to serve in the red tape and paperwork oceans of their own creation.

(Original available, Oil on Canvas, 40"H X 30"W,  $6,400.....Giclees pending)

 : He appears as a benevolent Buddha, but upon closer inspection, one notices the leering expression and the three faces. He spews his campaign rhetoric, saying the things we want to hear but in reality they are lies and deceit, all the while crushing us under the shear, daunting weight of forms and subterfuge as we struggle to support one who was elected to serve us. 

( Original available, Oil on Canvas, 40"H X 30"W, $6,400.....Giclees pending )

 : he lives in a directed world of points and arrows. Bright ideas, red tape, smoke screens and blue streaks...even the world on which he stands is controlled and directed. Is this good? Is it bad? I suppose that depends on your aim....

( SOLD, limited edition giclees will be available )

 : The Pessimist and the Optimist are seated in fragile balance above the earth as we are weighed

on the scales of Cause and Effect. My hope is that, as in this image, Optimism wins out....

( SOLD, limited edition canvas Giclees are available, 36"H X 30"W, $400 each, signed and numbered, unframed )

 : There are large, moving objects around us that effect us whether we are aware of them or not.

It could be the planets, or environmental; social beliefs; emotional or spiritual influences. We are saturated with influences all the time. The more aware of these influences we are, the more we can filter what we allow to effect our lives.

(Original available, Oil on Canvas, 16"H X 12 1/2" W, $1,200......Giclees pending)

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