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Miscellaneous Fine Art
"There is an innate rhythm to the work of C. Love that is difficult to put a finger on. Perhaps it's the way the canvas glows, or the images seem to lift from their two-dimensional state. It could even be that the subject matter is esoterically familiar, meaning: all our collective mythologies, symbols and iconographies may have their individual subtleties, yet the human thread connects them into a cohesive whole .....and perhaps it's this thread that she manages to reveal......"
Sean C. Rothstein-Jacobson, Art FX/Bound Word

The Three Fates : They were regarded as the most powerful of the demi-gods. Even the higher gods feared them because to them was given the power of life and death. 
Clothos, depicted in morning colors, symbolizing birth, spun the thread of an entity's life from the ether. Lachesis, painted in the full colors of day, measures the span of a being's life. Atropos, shown in the colors of night, symbolizes death and has the shears that she severs the thread with, returning it to the ether. All three had to be impartial to their work ,and therefore were blind.
(Original SOLD, limited edition canvas Giclees will be available )


Rebecca's Dream
: she floats in an internal world of symbolic images. Black or transparent butterflies grace the air with intent of meaning, as smoky patterns between and behind windows of light, illuminate her subconsciousness with wonder and mystery.
( Original SOLD, limited edition canvas Giclees available, signed and numbered, $400 plus shipping )

ADIEU : This image is not about the death of the child. It is, rather, about the sublime moment in which the Mother finds her
self, and that moment of intense choice that we all must make when confronted with Death: will she be a victim, or a warrior?
We all must face death, many times. It is an unavoidable part of Life and we must experience it.....the final severing of our hearts connections....and, in the end, our own, final Good-bye.
( Original SOLD, limited edition canvas Giclees pending )

MOTHER EARTH : She is host to our survival, fecund and nurturing. She is a living entity, with full awareness, observing and influencing our lives, though most of our kind seem to be unaware of her support.
( Original SOLD, limited edition Giclees pending )

THE STORY-TELLER : She is the ancient one, the Crone. She weaves her life around all, the way she weaves her stories from time immemorial. She carries the staff with the dragon's claw that grasps the Pearl of Knowledge, a prize given to those who achieve great wisdom.
( Original available, gouache water-color, 20"H X 24" W, $950,  limited edition Giclees pending )

LUNA : This was poster art for the Memphis in May competition, for the theme of The Year of the Rabbit. it was acquired by the internationally known wildlife artist, Leslie Harrison-Keller. Gouache watercolor.
( Original SOLD, limited edition Giclees pending )

THE FIRE ANGEL (Work in Progress): This painting was started over 14 years ago. Work ceased after an incident in which the image saved two people's lives.
  A friend of mine, after seeing the work in progress, had returned to her home down the California coast, in Pacific Valley. She was awakened at 1:00 am the next morning, from a dream that the Fire Angel stood in flames, at the foot of her bed.
  She realized she was sitting up in her bed & her room was on fire!
After grabbing a robe and her purse, she ran to her son's room, awakened him & they fled the building, turning after they reached their car, to see their tourist center, and home engulfed in flames!
  After help arrived, she & her son drove to their home in Monterey, CA. where she put her son to bed and paced until morning.
 After dropping her son off at his school, she returned after daylight & stood in shock to see the last 10 years of their lives reduced to cinders and ashes.
  One by one, five people came up to her & said they had seen someone walking in the fire. One of the firemen, who was not religious, said he saw an angel & was so shaken by the event that he went home and stayed in his bedroom for three days.

I resumed work on the piece in 2010, before leaving CA for New Mexico to live in a town ironically called Angel Fire.
Scheduled to be completed 2013, summer.
(Original available, Oil on Canvas, 73" H X 42" W....Giclees also pending )

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