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Please pardon the state of things, I'm still constructing this site.....Not all of my images have been placed here yet....thank you for being patient.

Within these pages, I hope you will find my originals to be fascinating and take the time to read the writings and descriptions. I warn you: I use as many words as I can to say something that could easily have been said in five. I love words and visual communion with others.
These pages contain my fine art pieces: a series titled "The Clowns of God"; my start of an Angel series titled "A League of Angels", some being light and others very dark, but none are standard....There will also be several miscellaneous categories.
I am including a graphic arts section, showcasing the logos and designs I have created for clients over a 30 year span, my photography, random creations, and rants and poems; adding more images in an ongoing process.
Welcome to my world, it is a mixture of the classic and bizarre, making a sweep away from what most would call normal or comfortable....and yet you may find that you 'fit in' perfectly!
C.Love, 2013

"Representational, symbolic, iconistic, real, surreal, cerebral, metaphysical, beautiful, philosophical. Classical, modern, strange, unnerving, humorous, curious, enigmatic, candid, emotional, stirring, puzzling, esoteric, different, droll, arresting, secret, familiar, spiritual."
C. Love seems to be as hard to put a finger on as her works of art. Private, "fringe" and reclusive, one would expect her to be a person who is socially uneasy. Nothing of the sort. She is relaxed & confident about her work. She translates or intuits ideas that are 'given' to her into captivating and beautiful images. She views herself as more of a messenger than an artist, using philosophical concepts and emotion as the motives for her subjects, bridging a gap with modern yet classic work, reaching through the eyes to touch the heart. Her paintings are curious, sometimes humorous, and cause the viewer to sometimes stop, mid-stride, to take a second look."

C. Love, Smudowski State Beach, California, January 1st, 2010

"I 'receive' my images as though I am getting a download from the creative current that flows around all of us.
It happens when I am in conversation, or reading/studying....or meditating.
I am 'given' the image first, in full color and with most of the details, then, I receive the canvas dimensions and lastly, the title. If I record the title somewhere, I will remember the image indefinitely.
With writing, it is 'right now..wherever I am', or I lose it. I've written on walls, my wrist and paper bags just to get it recorded....
Some ideas/concepts are like bugs that fly away and come back later to plague me, buzzing around my head, inside and out until I pay attention. Once acknowledged, they are like the hounds of Hell, nipping at my heals."

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